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Howdy “Ole Army” and welcome to the Class of ’55 homepage.  Our old website was discontinued but some of the information was transferred to this new  web site mainly by a member of the Aggie Association Data Processing Assistant, which was very much appreciated. 

Keep checking back as this web site will continue to be updated and improved, as I continue to get familiar with the new coding system.  I will continue to update our “Silver Taps” section and will note on the bottom of this page the Classmates that have most recently passed away to facilitate locating these falling Classmates.

As you know our Class of 1955 Memorial Scholarship was established in the memory of the following Viet Nam fallen Classmates:

Captain Russell Condon ’55
Major Hadley Foster ’55
Major Richard “Dick” Steel ’55

Contribution to the fund can be made at anytime, and for any reason, to:

Texas A&M Foundation                                                                                                                           401 George Bush Drive                                                                                                                     College Station, Texas 77640-2811                                                                                                    (979) 845-8161 or (800) 392-3310         http://giving.tamu.edu/foundation

  60th Mini-Reunion in Fredericksburg, TX


I had an order for a man’s shirt from one of our classmates at the reunion in Fredericksburg. Unfortunately I lost ( misplaced) his name and address. Please call me if this is your shirt (979-690-1082). I will know if he is the person who ordered the shirt when I ask how he paid for it. I have the shirt and will mail it.
Ambrose Boubel, ’55 Co-Class Agent

Howdy ’55 Classmates,
We celebrated our 60th Class of ’55 Mini-Reunion on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (April 29th, 30th and May 1st) in Fredericksburg, Texas with 110 classmates and guests present. In addition to the Hospitality Room activities, we enjoyed the breakfasts and dinners.  Ample time was allotted for sight seeing. Many of our classmates/guests came from out of state.

The first day was conducted as a joint meeting with the Class of ’56 during which Paul Holladay was the master of ceremony. The second day Mike Trotter took the microphone for the Class of ’55 meeting.  Brose & Doreene Boubel did all “the heavy lifting” with the handling of the welcoming/receiving table and providing the wines, soft drinks/water, snacks and the transportation of all these necessities from College Station.

Among other business items on the agenda we commemorated those ’55 classmates who have passed away in 2014 & 2015.

It was a very enjoyable and successful mini-reunion with much interaction between our classmates.  Some of the pictures take by Doreene Boubel are shown below:

DSCN1231 DSCN1232 DSCN1233 DSCN1234 DSCN1236 DSCN1237 DSCN1238 DSCN1240 DSCN1241 DSCN1242 DSCN1243DSCN1229

Distinguished Alumnus of Texas A&M Charlie Seely ’55

During the 2014 Sul Ross Group Reunion, our classmate, Charlie Seely, was honored and named as a Distinguished Alumnus of Texas A & M. Join me in congratulating Charlie on this great award and recognition from the school.

      Notice of Classmates added to the “Silver Taps Section” this month.

The following ’55 Classmates passed away and were added to the “Silver Taps” section recently:

Lemuel H. Barclay

Lloyd Lee Vincent Hays

Marion McKee Deans

Dr. John Only Greer

Gerald R. Anderson

 Connie’s Corner

Someone suggested that I include some interesting items in this corner; items that I wrote in The Battalion back when we were younger and wore pinks and greens. Items that I would have kept all of these years in my voluminous files of self-important literature.

These non-files reminded me of the weekend after I finally graduated from Texas A&M. My father cornered me in the kitchen of the house on River Oaks and asked me when I was going to write my book.

Taken aback, I asked, “What book is that?”

“About your experiences as an A&M student,” he replied. “The letters you wrote home to your mother and I were absolutely hilarious and kept us in stitches while we waited for the next one.”

“Did you keep any of those letters?”

“No,” he responded; and thus ended my book writing career.

I also never kept any file of awesome articles I wrote for The Battalion. However, I did keep bound volumes of the four years I spent writing, drawing and editing The Commentator for the School of Arts and Sciences. I also kept a massive scrap book.

This collection of clippings and photos opens with some studio shots from my senior year at Adamson High in Dallas. Then the collection continues on through semester after semester after semester until I finally graduated and wedded the Tessie who mothered my children and became my original ex-wife.

I only open the scrapbook of treasures every 15 to 20 years and it’s about time. Let me look and see if there is anything in that collection that might be of interest to anyone else living or dead.

As a result of our kitchen conversation about book writing, for as long as he lived, my father never threw away another letter he received … from my sister. She does have a way with words that compliment her photographic skills.

–Connie Eckard ’55 – 06/2015


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